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10 unexpected uses for gesture control armbands

January 30th 2016

This High-Tech Prosthetic Works With A Game-Controller Sold On Amazon

Fast Company
January 29th 2016

This Consumer Wearable Is Powering Next-Gen Prosthetics

Fortune Magazine
January 26th 2016

This armband allows amputees to control their prosthetics in a futuristic new way

Business Insider
January 25th 2016

This Futuristic Armband Lets You Control Your Computer Like Magic

January 20th 2016

Myo armbands used to control prosthetic arm

January 19th 2016

This man's prosthetic arm is gesture controlled with a Myo armband

January 19th 2016

Myo gesture control armband augments prosthetic arm

January 19th 2016

PowerPoint presentation controller now allows for more natural brain/muscle control of prosthetic limbs!

January 19th 2016

Prosthetic Controlled Using Myo Armband, Thanks To Johns Hopkins University And Thalmic Labs Team

Medical Daily
January 19th 2016

Researchers use Myo muscle-sensing wearable for prosthetics

January 18th 2016

Myo gesture control band controls MPL prosthetic arm

January 18th 2016

Researchers Create Myo-Controlled Prosthetic Limb

Tech Times
January 18th 2016

Gift This, Not That: Myo Armband vs. This Toaster

December 23rd 2015

Thalmic Labs Revolutionize Music Creation & Performance with the Myo Armband

Your EDM
November 19th 2015

Myo Review

Trusted Reviews
November 10th 2015

Thalmic launches app market for Myo armband

The Record
November 5th 2015

Thalmic Labs Launches Myo Market, Hits 100 Apps for Armband

November 5th 2015

007 Best Bond Gifts and Gadgets

November 3rd 2015

This is where most startups go wrong

Fortune Insider
October 27th 2015

Review: The future is now with the Myo Gesture Control Armband

Best Buy Plug-in Blog
October 8th 2015

Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey, and Aaron Grant: Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneurs

September 24th 2015

Review: Myo Armband

Pocket Insider
September 15th 2015

Thalmic Labs CEO Stephen Lake on bringing wearable tech to the mainstream

Canadian Business
September 10th 2015

Thalmic’s Myo for sale at Best Buy

The Record
August 21st 2015

Thalmic Labs Expands Retail Presence in Canada, Shows Off Myo Armband Uses

August 18th 2015

Look, no hands! Will Canada’s Myo armband replace the mouse?

IDG Connect
August 4th 2015

Unboxing: Myo Armband

Pocket Insider
August 3rd 2015

The 4 New Engineering & Design Technologies Changing How We Create

Mentor Works
July 13th 2015

5 Kick-Ass Gadgets That Will Help You Deliver Killer Presentations

June 28th 2015

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Haute Living
June 18th 2015

Myo armband makes hands-free motion control real

May 23rd 2015

Myo reads your muscles for the snappiest gesture tracking ever devised

Digital Trends
May 16th 2015

Control PowerPoint presentations with the new Myo for Presentations app

Mobile Syrup
May 14th 2015

Myo armband could give current controllers the elbow

Financial Times
May 14th 2015

Behind the Scenes: Managing Tech’s Next Big Product Rollout

May 14th 2015

Should DJs Have More Control Over House Lights? Thalmic Labs Thinks So

April 16th 2015

Myo Wants to Be a Mouse for All Your Electronic Devices

Design News
March 31st 2015

Myo gesture control armband now available to purchase

Technology Tell
March 9th 2015

Myo gesture-control band for sale on Amazon

CBC News
March 3rd 2015

Thalmic Labs Myo armband hits consumer release, for sale on Amazon

IT Business
March 2nd 2015

Canadian Myo armband changes how we work with computers

The Toronto Star
February 10th 2015

Canadian-made armband aspires to change how we interact with computers

Global News
February 10th 2015

Canadian-made Myo armband aspires to change how we interact with computers

CTV news
February 10th 2015

In photos: Thalmic Labs aspires to change how we interact with computers

The Globe and Mail
February 10th 2015

Myo Muscle-Sensing Armband Hitting Amazon Soon

Gadget Review
January 29th 2015

Stephen Lake, Who Started 2013's Startup of the Year, Up for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014

Tech Vibes
January 22nd 2015

Muscle-sensing Myo gesture armband will be on Amazon this quarter

January 19th 2015

Myo Gesture Control Armband Will Soon Be Available Via Amazon

Geeky Gadgets
January 19th 2015

The Myo armband that lets you control your favorite devices with hand gestures is set to go mainstream

9 to 5 Toys
January 19th 2015

This armband gives you telekinesis

CNN Money
January 18th 2015

Here are Connectedly's picks for the best of CES 2015!

January 16th 2015

Control Your Smartphone with the Wave of a Hand

Popular Science
January 13th 2015

Thalmic Labs Myo Armband Interview And Hands-On

Tom's Hardware
January 13th 2015

Hands on at CES 2015

Financial Times
January 8th 2015

Myo Armband Controls PCs With Taps and Waves

January 8th 2015

I Tried The Gadget That Makes You Feel Like A Jedi, And It Was Awesome

Business Insider
January 8th 2015

Thalmic's Myo Armband wants to be your wireless controller

Android Central
January 6th 2015

CES 2015: Myo wearable controls everything from robots to smart home devices

Tech Republic
January 6th 2015

Gesture-control armband shipping to 50,000 who pre-ordered

The Globe and Mail
January 1st 2015

Today I Received the Future of Wearable Technology

Sam Volkering’s Tech Insider
December 23rd 2014

One Year Later: Looking Back at the Seven Canadian Wearable Tech Companies Changing the World

December 18th 2014

Beyond Health Trackers: A Brief History Of The Wearable

December 11th 2014

Myo Armband: Multi-Faceted Wearable Tech

The Balance Sheet
December 5th 2014

Gift Guide 2014: Wearables for all

Mobile Syrup
December 3rd 2014

Myo-Armband: Muskelaktivität steuert den Computer

Tom's Hardware Germany
November 26th 2014

ExtremeTech’s 2014 holiday gift guide: High tech futuristic gift ideas for geeks and nerds

Extreme Tech
November 26th 2014

Watch this: Armin Van Buuren reinvents live music with muscle-controlled technology

The Bangin Beats
November 23rd 2014

Innovation Nation - Myo

November 22nd 2014

Tomorrow Daily 090: Bionic boots, future concert tech, Khail chugs Surge, and more

CNET: Tomorrow Daily
November 21st 2014

Tech design moves from looking good to solving tough problems

November 21st 2014

Armin van Buuren uses Myo armband to control live shows with arm gestures

Dancing Astronaut
November 20th 2014

Armin Van Buuren Reinvents Live Music With Muscle-Controlled Technology

Your EDM
November 19th 2014

New Myo Armband Allows DJs to Control Live Shows with Arm Gestures

November 19th 2014

World Famous DJ, Armin Van Buuren, Electrifies Performances with Myo Armband

Thalmic Labs Press Release
November 18th 2014

Thalmic Announces Partnership with Superstar DJ Armin Van Buuren

November 18th 2014

Thalmic Labs Works with DJ to Bring Motion Control to Live Performances with Myo Armband

Tech Vibes
November 18th 2014

Wearable interface designers only have a “small bag of tricks”

November 18th 2014

Myo partners with DJ Armin Van Buuren to make beautiful, gesture-controlled music

November 18th 2014

Tech armband is bringing sci-fi to life

The Telegraph
November 11th 2014

This Armband Makes Minority Report's Technology a Reality

Bloomberg TV
November 11th 2014

Canadian Startup to Watch: the 'Myo' armband

BNN: Business News Network
November 11th 2014

Thalmic Labs Claims Title of Innovator of the Year at PWC's Vision to Reality Awards

November 8th 2014

PwC Names Canada's Innovator of Year, Highlights 10 Up-and-Coming Tech Companies

November 7th 2014

Thalmic Labs named Innovator of the Year at PwC's Vision to Reality Awards

Yahoo! Finance
November 7th 2014

Thalmic Labs named Innovator of the Year at PwC’s Vision to Reality Awards

November 7th 2014

Thalmic Labs presents its case for Myo in enterprise wearables

November 7th 2014

3 people on Twitter putting wearables to work

October 24th 2014

Chris Goodine: What's the Future of Gesture Control Technology?

October 23rd 2014

Unboxing the Gesture Control Armband Myo

Designers of Things
October 23rd 2014

Developing the Internet of Things: Thalmic Labs Myo Gesture Control Armband

Appmethod Blog
October 20th 2014

Myo & Google Glass: Why Gesture-Based Wearables May Break Down Barriers

MedTech Boston
October 13th 2014

Interview with Thalmic Labs

University of Waterloo Blog
October 10th 2014

Canada AM: Inside 'The Hub'

Canada AM
October 9th 2014

Thalmic Labs Points Toward The Future

October 2nd 2014

Myo: More Muscle For Wearables?

September 30th 2014

Thalmic Labs’ Myo gesture control armband is almost the future

September 29th 2014

13 Futuristic Startups You Should Know About

Business Vibes
September 27th 2014

Students try on wearable technology before MHacks

The Michigan Daily
September 4th 2014

The Myo Motion Control Armband: Hands On

My Tech Report
September 3rd 2014