March 2, 2015

Featured Dev: Air Guitar

This post is a part of a series featuring members of our developer community. Stay tuned to our blog for more featured developers and other news about developing for the Myo armband!

Air Guitar is an Android application that allows users to simulate playing a guitar by strumming in the air while wearing a Myo armband. Holding a phone in their idle hand, users change chords by pushing buttons on a digital “fretboard” and use the speakers from the phone as an amp.

Air Guitar “fretboard” mapped to C, G, Em, and D.

You can choose between two keys — G and C — and pick four chords from a list of six — C, Dm, Em, F, G, and Am. With these inputs, you can play practically any pop song.

Air Guitar began the way most of the earliest applications for the Myo armband have, as a hackathon project. Utkarsh Garg (Georgia Institute of Technology), Shubhagata Sengupta (Wilfred Laurier University), Joseph Song (Temple University), and Aawantika Sahu (Georgia Institute of Technology) joined forces for 36 hours to give people a mobile, gesture-controlled way to rock out.

After the hackathon, Song and Sahu decided to keep Air Guitar alive by putting it in the Myo Market and working with Thalmic Labs engineers to add richer gesture control and a host of new features.

“We’re currently adding some more features that we think the users would enjoy,” says Sahu, in his second year at GT researching wearable technology. “I’m making the app more user friendly and adding a record function, so people can share songs.”

“I’m adding more customization by having more chords and a better chord build,” says Song, the developer with the most Myo experience in the group. “I’ve worked with Myo at hackathons before, creating a traffic indicator for bicycles and Elements, an Avatar-themed VR game. For Air Guitar, I’m tuning the sensitivity of the Myo armband when strumming so users can adjust the volumes and mute when needed.

“The Myo armband is extremely powerful,” he says of working with the device. “It’s been a pleasure working with it. I hope to continue to, and that it becomes more mainstream in the future.”

When asked which trends in tech have them most excited, these young developers give the same reply without missing a beat: “Wearables, definitely.”

Air Guitar is now available for download in the Myo Market.

February 26, 2015

Myo Diagnostics Page!

Howdy! My name is Scott Tolksdorf and I recently made a Myo diagnostics page as a little hobby project here at Thalmic Labs! It’s hot off the grill and ready for your fingers.

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#MyoCraft 5
February 22, 2015

#MyoCraft: Adventures in Myo Script!

Hello! Welcome to this week’s #MyoCraft. I’m Paul Bernhardt, and I’m a big PC gamer. I have a recumbent bike set up in front of an old computer in my basement. It’s a great excuse both to get some exercise and to play some classic or indy games I may not get around to when I’m on my main gaming rig. Unfortunately, you can’t really use a mouse and keyboard on a bike, so that basically cut out a big section of otherwise ideal games. At least, it did.

One of my favourite genres is the point and click adventure, and I’m glad it’s been making a comeback in recent years. Since Myo Script has built in mouse control, I use it to make a whole bunch of connectors to control a whole bunch of awesome adventure games with my Myo. I’m talking classics like Monkey Island and modern takes like Broken Age, the Blackwell series, and To the Moon. Now they’re playable with a single arm, which is ideal for when I’m biking.

These scripts are also ideal for showing off a neat extension to the function binding concept we discussed a few weeks ago. Let’s dive in!

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February 17, 2015

Simplify, Simplify: the Industrial Design of the Myo Armband

My name is Steve, better known as Steve-O here at Thalmic, and I’m one of the industrial designers who worked on the Myo armband. I started working with the founders of Thalmic Labs as a consultant two years ago, and I’m still here. I love working on interesting, difficult puzzles, and designing the Myo armband yielded plenty of them.

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February 7, 2015

#MyoCraft: Make Music in Garageband with your Myo Armband

Hey folks! We’re back with this week’s #MyoCraft. As a reminder, each week we’ll feature one script or application that does something neat. It might be just a toy that isn’t ready for the average user, or something with a more complicated setup process, or it may be a full, published script. If you’ve got something you want to share, send it my way on Twitter (@PBernhardt) or at Today, we have a script to do MIDI input in Garageband with your Myo armband.

So without further adieu, here’s the script:

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Jake-Sims-Feature copy
February 6, 2015

Featured Dev: Jake Sims

This post is a part of a series featuring members of our developer community.  Stay tuned to our blog for more featured developers and other news about developing for the Myo armband!

Jake Sims is a wizard. He manipulates reality for a living. An academic researcher at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, Jake is a programmer focused on applications in virtual and augmented reality.

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